who we are

who we are

When leaders change by embracing their humanity, it creates profound effects on their teams, companies and families. Our team of coaches and staff inspire and guide this change.

The values and experience of our team makes them stand apart from the crowd. Plus, they are the kind of people you want walking beside you on your leadership journey.

Our Team

Andrea Garfield

Founder, CEO, Executive Coach

Being human. Values in action. Intentional love. Tango. Book nerd.

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Scott Offerdahl

Founder, Executive Coach

Humans. Entrepreneur. Family. Dogs.
Travel. Tech. Tacos are life.

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Amy Lessler

Client Coordinator

Helping. Travel. Fresh flowers. People.
Mac the dog. Opt outside.

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Winn Clark

Executive Coach

Optimist. Feminist. California lover. Small town convert. Controller of the jukebox.

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Jenny Clevidence

Executive Coach

Quiet Strength. Calming. Minimalist. Motherhood. Culture Transformation. Mother Nature.

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PaolaĀ Tisker

SomaticĀ Coach

Love and rigor. Gardener. Rock climber. Somatics. Laughter.Ā  Kindness.Ā  Argentina and Oakland, CA.

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Kai Mantsch

Executive Coach

Internal martial art. Word. Sound. Story. Hover. Dive. Fierce heart.

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Ty Hammond

Executive Coach

Group alchemy. Web weaving. Fatherhood. Magic. Breath. Truth.

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  Our values

Values are the most critical part of creating a successful company, family, or organization. Great values are not just something you put on the wall, they're something you live every day. They are the foundation of culture, decision-making, and scale.


Honor the shared experience of being human, and be grateful for the joys and the challenges of life.


Compassionately share even when difficult; listen with an open heart and mind.


Inspire wonder; seek out learning to help ourselves and others in the real world.


Embrace the inner and outer work in service to the life you have and want.


Anticipate and own the results of our choices.