Leaders come to us because they’re having business problems: employee disengagement, team conflict, low morale, poor communication, or weak execution.

We believe these are the direct result of human problems: people who are burned out, unheard, overwhelmed, disconnected or not bringing all of who they are as humans to work.

We work with leaders because of the impact they have on everyone around them.

When leaders change by embracing their humanity, it creates profound effects for their teams, companies, and families.

How Awesome
Is Different

We’re not like other coaches. We don’t do the “just talk and see what happens” thing. We do more than that. Much more.

We focus on the whole human.



The most growth is sparked when your entire self is considered, examined, and cared for. Insights from the professional and personal aspects of your life help you learn and grow in surprising ways.

We combine
heart and science
to deliver specific outcomes.

We begin by developing an annual *written* program focused on clear leadership outcomes. This is created using our developmental methodology combined with the instincts of a highly trained and intuitive coach. Commitment to these outcomes keeps coaching on track along the way.

We work toward
short + long-term objectives.


This is radically different from just talking about whatever comes up in the moment. While we do address immediate issues, we balance those with a focus on longer term leadership objectives and lasting positive change.

We are 
human visionaries.


As experienced executive coaches, we see the next version of you. We see your blind spots, potential, hopes, and fears. We love our clients and that love makes our work transformational.

We combine
business + coaching expertise.

At Awesome, you don’t have to choose. Our coaches are experienced executives AND experienced coaches. We’ve been there, we get the challenges – and we understand the human dynamics that bring about successful change.

We are



Our practical tools deliver real-world results. The methods we invite you to try – even when they’re weird – always lead to the next step in your growth.

experienced leaders. highly trained coaches.

we see your human potential

learn more about us & our team >

experienced leaders. highly trained coaches.

we see your human potential

learn more about us & our team >