awesome leaders are

more human

in work, leadership, and life

awesome leaders are

more human

in work, leadership, and life 

Our professional world has taught us to strip away who we are as people to succeed. But people aren’t robots. That’s why we coach and teach executives to level up their leadership by being more human at work.

Human leaders are healthy leaders – with the capacity to do the hard work of leadership, the energy to inspire others, and the depth of reserves to handle extra stresses as they arise. Being awesome humans is what makes us awe-inspiring leaders. 

Our CEO, Andrea Garfield, coaches Simon Sinek about why we're all not "fine," and that's ok.

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Manage Emotions In High Stress Times really helped our team ground and connect. By learning new skills that allow us to lean into challenging times together, we are each better able to live our purpose. Offering this class to the entire company was a way for me to live my own personal WHY and that’s what we’re all about.”

- Melissa, Head of People at Simon Sinek, Inc.

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“Since I started working with the Awesome Institute, I’ve gone from being overwhelmed, stressed and unhappy with my life situation and work situation – to feeling balanced, inspired, and content.”

- Christine Foster, Director Environmental Health and Safety, Stanford Children’s Health

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