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Take your leadership to the next level with one-on-one coaching.

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Learn with your team about critical issues that improve team performance.

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Accelerate your leadership in community with insights into key topics.

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Coaches shine a light on the areas where you can
grow the most, custom-tailored to you.

Practical, Guiding, Results-Oriented Coaching

is one-on-one and custom-tailored to you
+ shines a light on the areas that will help you grow the most
+ helps you access your inner talents
+ transforms your leadership and your life

The Transformative and Lasting Impact of Coaching

These aren’t “soft” skills – it’s some of the hardest work you’ll ever do.
You don’t have to do it alone. What you can expect to experience along the way:


Learn more about the current version of yourself and where you can grow.

Take Care
Of Yourself

Great leaders know how to take care of their mind, body, heart, and soul.

Do The Work
On Yourself

Learn how to develop new skills, habits, and ways of showing up to be a more effective leader and a happier human.

See The World
More Accurately

Learn how to work with reality in a brand new way.

We’re Different From
Other Coaches

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I could see real results in both myself & my team. There are no magic fixes, but I have become a true believer in what Andrea & her coaches can do!”

- Marc Wolenik, CEO

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Private Group Classes

Private Group Classes are a high-impact, quick, affordable way to get critical training for your entire team. And because these are live, online classes, they are perfect for remote and work-from-home distributed teams.

Do It For Your Team.

  • schedule a time that works for your team
  • hosted on Zoom so everyone can attend no matter where they are
  • give your team key tools and skills for navigating difficult situations
  • restore your sense of team connection
  • bring the human element back into your work day
  • learn practices you can use as a team to keep the connection alive

Featured Class:

Manage Stress and Build Resilience
by learning to navigate emotional landmines

We are experiencing more uncertainty and overwhelm at work and home than ever before. This unprecedented level of stress in our lives is showing up in our work as a lack of productivity, teamwork, and results.


But from burnout in our day-to-day, to blowups with each other, stress isn't the root of the problem. The underlying culprit is our emotional minefield - and lately we have more of these landmines than we can tip-toe around. 

If you want to manage stress and build your resilience, the best thing you can do is work more effectively with your emotions.

In This Practical Workshop You Will:

  • Uncover the emotional landmines we all try to bury
  • Identify which ones blow up for you under stress
  • Learn to get ahead of them vs. being sabotaged by them
  • Practice a highly effective 5-minute method to work through them from anywhere
  • Quickly become more resilient in times of change and stress
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"Having my whole team attend Manage Stress and Build Resilience was a huge benefit for us - especially during these challenging times. I consistently heard great feedback from my team about the class, and I see the positive impact of better teamwork, better communication, and openly defusing the landmines!" 

- Jake Olsen, CEO DADO

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Group Coaching 

In this 3-month program, we coach you to develop
leadership qualities that will change your life.

Leadership is Challenging.

Leading humans can be a fun and rewarding activity, and can also be discouraging, exhausting, and frustrating. Our focus is on finding practical, tangible ways to thrive as a leader.

Surrounded by a group of peer leaders and led by an experienced coach, each session will:

+ explore a topic designed to stimulate new thinking

+ provide a chance for self-reflection
+ suggest a path for action
+ and also feature individual coaching in the group setting – so that everyone can learn from journeys in the real world of leadership.

After this program, you will know effective strategies to thrive as a leader, centered around these three themes:


Great leaders know themselves and how this affects their life and work.


Build leadership capacity with greater energy and more resilience.


Level up your ability to work with others, including difficult people and in challenging situations.

“As I focus on my heart, my needs and feelings - it’s made me better at focusing on everyone else’s, too. And when you lead that way, it’s much more powerful."

- Parag Patel, General Manager 

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