You can align your passion for leadership with the rest of your life.

By developing the four pillars of Awesome — Self, Family, Business, and Community —
you can be even happier, more balanced, and more prepared for the next level.

Your Awesome coach is always in your corner, challenging you to think bigger, embrace change, and make your vision a reality.

Are you ready to jump in?


Andrea has changed my life—I feel like I’m constantly learning something new to keep me growing professionally and excited about the business and applying those principles to my personal life.
— Avital Unger, CEO of Avital Tours
I loved my coaching from the first minute of the first session. The work-life balance piece was exactly what I was missing. Now I’m happier and I just feel so much more aware of my own place in my business. I am not my business, I am a person who runs my business!
— Carisa Brunner, Made Sewing Studio
The coaching has been a game changer professionally and personally. Making an investment in yourself is the best investment you can make. I wish I had done the coaching years ago! I did not expect the business coaching to help with my personal life as well, but it turns out to grow professionally, growing personally is a part of that.
— Jana Kleitsch, CEO of Wanderlust Society
As an entrepreneur and small business owner, the idea of having to let your business run without you is both terrifying and stressful. Andrea was able to help me plan and prepare for my leave in advance making the whole thing extremely seamless and stress free.
— Ayda A.
Scott helped me gain a better awareness in many different areas, for which I’m greatly thankful. He was also able to give me practical tools that I could readily apply to begin addressing challenges and to see a difference. Collaborating with a coach at Awesome brings you significant value. We often want to improve and seek change but it can be a daunting mission. With the help of an Awesome coach, the process is manageable and the goal is attainable.
— Michael A.
The sheer act of prepping for a coaching call forces you to review the last few weeks, put a narrative around recent events, and helps clarify the best way forward.
— Neal Bell, President of White Rock Media + Founder of Maamos Kitchen
If you’re looking for help in getting into the zone in business, then this will definitely help. There are no magic fixes and you get out what you put in. I was a doubter at first, seriously not committing to the process, but over time, I could see real results in both myself and my team, and became a true believer of what Andrea and her team could do. Can’t recommend enough!
— Marc Wolenik, CEO of Webfortis
What I appreciate most about working with Scott is his style of coaching. He shares his experience, asks questions, and refrains from saying what I should or shouldn’t do. Sometimes you want someone to say “do this,” but the reality is the journey of how you come to that decision point is more important and Scott intuitively knows this.
— Chris Hanahan, CEO of A List Tickets
Coaching provides me with the chance to talk about my challenges and get an outside perspective from someone with experience and insight.
— Gene Temen, President of Quick Space