Ty Hammond

Executive Coach

Group alchemy. Web weaving. Fatherhood. Magic. Music. Truth.

Ty has been working with leaders, their teams and organizations for the breadth of his professional career – more than 15 years. Blessed by the guidance of mentors and teachers, this experience has included work with companies both not-for-profit and private, from individual contributors to the C-Suite in the areas of organization development, and leadership and team coaching, training and facilitation. 

 As part of a growing movement that recognizes the importance of not just helping leaders to solve the problems in front of them, but to help them grow from those problems both personal and professionally, Ty is excited to work with leaders that are ready to own their development. Ty’s approach helps leaders not only to live and lead in an uncertain world, but to learn how to grow in the face of the increasingly complex challenges which leaders now face. 

Ty holds a Masters degree in Social Work, is a certified Integral Coach by New Ventures West, has been trained as an Organizational Relationship Systems Coach by CRR Global, and is an apprentice in an indigenous healing lineage. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his love and their 2 young boys, not far from many members of a beautiful extended modern family, and close community of intrepid souls all doing the good work together.

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