Kai Mantsch

Executive Coach

Internal martial art. Word. Sound. Story. Hover. Dive. Fierce heart.

From a front row seat as an engineer and leader in the earliest days of software startups, Kai saw how growing companies lost their edge as scaling and crisis lead to dysfunction and burnout. He became deeply curious about how to develop individuals and organizations that are more resilient, healthy and successful.

Kai is now the CTO of AquaShares, a Certified Integral Coach® through New Ventures West, and a Certified Practitioner of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology. He has also served as a coach for the Aletheia School of Integral Unfoldment, mixing ancient spiritual traditions with modern psychology and neuroscience for accelerated personal growth.

Kai is excited about working with leaders who want clarity and one-on-one support from an outside eye and second brain as they navigate a complex world. He brings his 20+ years of coaching, psychology, mindfulness and startup experience to supporting you into your next evolution.

Kai lives with his wife and a collection of cooking robots in the San Francisco Bay Area. When not working he trains in Chinese martial arts, enjoys writing, values connection, and is inspired by the hardworking elders who brought more freedom and heart to our world.

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