Results & Impact

“I could see real results in both myself & my team. There are no magic fixes, but I have become a true believer of what Andrea & her team can do!”
— Marc Wolenik, CEO of Cowry Solutions + Awesome Human

When leaders change and embrace their humanity, it creates profound effects for themselves, their teams, companies, and families.

Healthy leaders have the capacity they need to do the hard work of leadership, the energy they need to inspire others, and the depth of reserves to handle the extra stresses as they arise.

Skillful leaders have a large toolbox of resources, habits, and practices that give them a profound self-awareness and help them build their teams effectively, create powerful results, and have fun while doing it.

Connected leaders build strong, trusting relationships with everyone around them, and inspire exponential improvement, while living a life of passion and purpose.

A company of healthy, skillful, connected leaders can:

  • Grow in the face of competition and uncertainty

  • Recruit and retain the best people

  • Innovate quickly

  • Collaborate effectively

Be awesome. Be human. Let’s get started.

How We Coach Great Leaders

Coaching is about getting another perspective to see the things you can’t see in yourself.   Coaches help shine a light on the areas that will help you grow the most, and do it in a way custom-tailored to you.  Coaches access your inner talents to deliver powerful, lasting improvement to your company and your life.  The impact is transformative.

This is practical, results-oriented coaching helping guide you on your leadership journey. These aren’t soft skills – it’s some of the hardest work you’ll ever do. You don’t have to do it alone. What you can expect to experience along the way:

  • Know Yourself - Learn more about who you are and where you can grow

  • Take Care Of Yourself - Great leaders know how to take care of their mind, body, and heart.

  • Do The Work On Yourself - Learn how to develop new skills, habits, and patterns to be a more effective leader and a happier human

  • See The World The Way It Really Is - Learn how to work with reality, rather than the world you wish was true

Who is executive coaching for?

Our coaching program is for leaders who want to be more Awesome. Awesome means that you aspire to have a thriving personal life, family, business, and community. You don’t always get it right, but you know that investing in these areas leads to a happier, healthier, more meaningful and successful life.

You have audacious ambitions for yourself and career, and you know that coaching can help you on the journey ahead. 

You believe in coaching and are committed to investing in your future. We do, too—we have coaches of our own!

What can you expect of Awesome Institute? 

  1. A customized, 12-month one-to-one coaching program. Our team’s unique, well-defined process delivers poignant but practical programs that honor who you are and where you want to go.

  2. An Awesome coaching experience with a coach who gets you and believes in you. Our coaches are lifelong entrepreneurs and executives who have been there, done that, and want to make your journey easier. Meet our founding coaches.

  3. A coaching membership that doesn't nickel-and-dime you. We believe that coaching should be personal. That's why we've ditched the traditional by-the-hour approach and offer coaching by membership.

  4. All memberships include:

    1. Emergency sessions

    2. Between-session communication

    3. Any learning resources that your coach recommends for your program

What is expected of you?

  1. Commit to two video coaching sessions per month for twelve consecutive months.

  2. Do the work. Our coaches are experienced pros who have chosen to work with you. Change requires effort, not magic.

  3. Stay Curious. Curiosity in coaching is key to exploration and growth. It allows us to learn ourselves and others better, which fuels our growth as leaders.

  4. Communicate Courageously. Your coach is here to support you, not to judge you. Be willing to confidentially share your struggles and needs. We've got your back.