Winn Clark

Executive Coach

Optimist. Feminist. California lover. Small town convert. Controller of the jukebox.

For over 20 years Winn devoted her energy to a career in sales, marketing and account management at places as diverse as a Fortune 500 company, a financial services start-up, and the world’s largest CRM/direct marketing agency. Along the way she earned an MBA from the University of Minnesota and enjoyed stints in Miami, Minneapolis, Chicago and Southern California.

Having worked in a variety of settings, Winn saw first-hand the challenges of balancing work and life. This, along with her own transformative experiences being coached, inspired her passion to become one herself. Winn trained at New Ventures West and is a Certified Integral Coach. She’s committed to helping her clients define success on their own terms and thrive personally and professionally.

Winn lives with her fiancé in Paso Robles in California’s Central Coast. When not working she spends time traveling, wine tasting and searching for the perfect restaurant.


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