Amy Lessler

Client Coordinator

Helping. Travel. Fresh flowers. People. Mac the dog. Opt outside.

Amy finds joy in helping ensure others are supported. She loves planning and logistics and is known as the “cruise director” in her circles - taking care of people by ensuring everything is researched and ready to go. She believes organizing ahead of time enables you to enjoy and appreciate living in the moment. (Yes, she’s one of those people who cleans as she goes when she cooks). In her work, this translates to project management, internal communication, and culture building. She is also an event planner, and puts her ultimate hosting skills to work to help her clients and friends celebrate the good stuff in life.

Prior to Awesome, Amy worked in nonprofit fundraising and communications, focused on community health and LGBTQ issues. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Communication from American University in Washington, DC. She enjoys planning all the things, travel, and spending time outdoors (hiking! biking! running! the beach!). After living in various east coast cities, she moved to San Francisco in 2012 where she currently lives with her wife and dog Mac.

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