We find that traditional keynotes can be energizing, fun, but often don't create actual change.  We think of our sessions as "Anti-Keynotes," where participants are involved, learn and grow, and are left with practical tools to implement change in their lives.  Here are some of the Anti-Keynotes we can give for your group:

+ Topic #1

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  • this is some detail
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+ Topic #2

this is some other text

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  • Awesome Leadership In Your Business and Life
  • Core Values, Vision, and Purpose
  • Goals, Rhythms, and Scorecards
  • Replacing Yourself & Letting Go
  • Guilt of Profit & Your Relationship With Money
  • Habits, Rituals, and Rhythms for Real Entrepreneurs
  • Strategy and Annual Planning Facilitation
  • Executive Team Health Check
  • Co-founder Relationship Building
  • Family Mission-Vision-Values Sessions


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