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+ Getting to No: When, How, and Why to Say 'No' to Opportunities

As entrepreneurs, we are instinctively programmed to say ‘Yes.’ We’ve become successful by embracing opportunity when it comes along. But entrepreneurs often find that saying yes to everything can have damaging effects on their personal lives, their health, and their businesses. Learn not only when you should say no, but also how to do it gracefully while building relationships.

  • Explore why we don’t say no very well
  • Learn how to remove anxiety and fear from deciding what to say yes to
  • Learn a specific process to evaluate each opportunity quickly and easily
  • Practice saying no gracefully
  • Make a plan to apply specific yes and no behaviors that sustain over time

+ Work-Life Harmony, NOT Balance

We hear about work-life balance, but is perfect balance ever possible for entrepreneurs? In this interactive workshop we explore the concept of harmony. Life’s priorities are like musical instruments in an orchestra. Sometimes one priority takes center stage and another plays the chorus. Other times everything seems out of tune. Develop a customized and flexible approach to harmonizing your priorities for life.

  • Explore the reasons why your life isn’t in harmony
  • Evaluate the differences between your priorities and how you spend your time
  • Learn how to get useful feedback from those you trust
  • Make a plan to apply specific changes that are sustainable over time

+ Put Your Own Mask On First

The airline safety announcement tells us to put our own oxygen mask on first before helping others. Yet we rarely do that in the rest of our lives. We know that taking care of ourselves is important for health and well-being. But in real life, it’s so tempting to put ourselves last, which hurts our business results and our personal lives. In this interactive workshop, explore the hidden reasons why you put yourself last and learn how to help others by helping yourself.

  • Explore how and why you sacrifice for others
  • Identify when it makes sense to put on your own mask first
  • Address feelings of guilt around taking time for self-care
  • Learn simple strategies for taking care of yourself and make a plan to use them
  • Envision a healthier, happier life that starts with you

+ A Game Plan for Tough Conversations

Entrepreneurs have many tough conversations with employees, partners, family, and others. Anticipating an uncomfortable talk can cause stress and worry. We either avoid the conversation altogether or charge in like a bull in a china shop to get it over with. In this interactive workshop, we take a straightforward, practical approach to preparing for and initiating tough conversations.

  • Prepare effectively for a tough conversation
  • Learn the best timing and ways to start the discussion
  • Minimize stress by having a game plan that works
  • Create a dialogue, not a monologue
  • Move the relationship towards a positive place after the conversation

+ Transition Planning

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