Martha Smolen

Executive Coach

Walking the hills of SF. Aikido. Scuba diving. Gardening. Reading. Le Creuset Dutch Oven. Cape Cod.

Martha combines the experience of a successful senior leader with the partnership of a coach. She is focused on developing leaders and building their capacities as they manage themselves and create high performance teams and results.

Martha’s leadership experience comes from managing large teams and functions in a range of environments. She has worked in startups and most recently a large Fortune 50 company. She has worked and coached in a number of industries including technology, investments, retail, travel, cloud-computing, health care, biopharmaceutical, legal and non-profit. She has managed through mergers and acquisitions, selling off businesses, through fast paced hiring as well as layoffs. She’s a seasoned professional who has weathered many storms.

Martha’s clients often report that they’re more effective in their roles and in their careers, and that they’re able to reconnect with what brings them meaning and inspires them in life. Outcomes include staying centered while facing challenges, more skillfully managing change and bringing about desired outcomes, and creating teams that are highly leaderful and effective. Being cognizant of how choices as a leader affect cultural values and norms, and hence behaviors, is a topic of interest with many of her clients.

Martha brings to her coaching engagements a seriousness of purpose along with a sense of humor, compassion, deep listening, and an ability to see to the heart of complex issues in a way that brings helpful insight.

Martha is an ICF certified coach, received her MBA from Simmons University in Boston, has served on several non-profit boards, and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband.

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