Want to be part of a team and community of coaches or know someone who would? Looking for FULL support so you can focus on coaching? Want to work with incredible clients, and help them transform into the leaders and humans they were meant to be? If this describes you, join us!

At Awesome Institute, we offer executive coaching, group leadership coaching, and workshops. We strive to take care of each client and team member as they do the challenging work of learning and growing as humans. Awesome Institute was founded in 2014 with one simple mission: to develop more human leaders, so they can positively impact all of those around them. Our vision is to help 50,000 leaders live happier, healthier, more sustainable lives.


  • Love personal development - You are constantly learning, and have a coach of your own.

  • Are practical - You are comfortable operating in the real world, and you embrace doing soulful work in the messy reality of real life and real work

  • Are accessible - You make transformation feel within reach for your clients and peers

  • Are authentic - You have a strong sense of self and aren’t afraid to be who you are, in all your weirdness

  • Are playful - You don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun doing challenging work. Even when you are exploring the dark depths, you won’t be too far from the lightness of being human

  • Work hard to live our values every day:

    • Communicate Courageously - Compassionately share even when difficult; listen with an open heart and mind.

    • Take Responsibility - Anticipate and own the results of our choices.

    • Apply Curiosity - Cultivate wonder; seek out learning to help ourselves and others in the real world.

    • Do the Work - Embrace the inner and outer work in service to the life you have and want.

    • Embrace Humanity - Appreciate the shared experience of being human; be grateful for the joys and the challenges of life.

The Responsibilities:

  • Commitment: Develop integral coaching programs the “Awesome way,” utilizing our branded tools, processes, and resources throughout the course of coaching

  • Availability: Capacity to coach 5 clients for 6 to 12 months at a time during regular business hours

  • Team Focus: Engages with the team, lives the Awesome values, builds community, receives and offers support to other coaches

The Details:

  • Location: Virtual: You live in Pacific or Mountain Time Zone, with a private, professional workspace suitable for video coaching

  • Coaching experience: 5+ years of coaching

  • Business experience: 5+ years of Director-level or above positions, prior to coaching career

  • Training: New Ventures West PCC certification required

  • Current work: You are dedicated to coaching at least 50% of the time. You do not have a full time day job; coaching is your day job

We welcome recommendations for potential Awesome Coaches.

We are not accepting direct applications at this time. Email us at jobs@awesomeinstitute.com to recommend someone Awesome!