How Our Coaching Group Works

Coaching Format and Schedule
Two sessions per month
2nd & 4th Tuesdays 2:30 - 4:30pm Pacific
Zoom video calls
1 private coaching session
January 2020
$195 kick-off, $495 per month

In this 6 month program, we coach you to develop leadership qualities that will change your life.  Surrounded by a group of peer leaders and led by two experienced coaches, each session will explore a topic designed to stimulate your thoughts, provide a chance for self-reflection, and suggest a path for action.  This is followed by individual coaching in the group setting so that everyone can learn from each others’ journeys in the “real world” of leadership.

Our focus is on finding practical, tangible ways to address the most challenging parts of leadership. Leading humans can be a fun and rewarding activity, and can also be discouraging, exhausting, and frustrating.  This is what we will explore and learn about together.

 Coaching Themes

Our coaching program will be based on the following three themes. A wide variety of specific topics will be brought to the sessions by participants. These could include ongoing challenges, current issues that have popped up, or any other topics that feel important to the group.

  • Understanding My Leadership Style

  • How it affects my life and work

  • Building My Leadership Capacity

  • Create a stronger executive presence, greater energy, and more resilience

  • Dealing With Difficult People

  • How to handle the difference between reality and the way things should be


Awesome coaching has taken my business and personal life to the next level...

What's Included

Twice-a-month online meetings for 2 hours with a small group of highly accomplished leaders to support your learning

Unique curriculum based on critical topics for leaders of humans

Access to a private Facebook group for support and experience sharing between sessions

Pre-coaching assessments

Suggested practices, readings, and videos between sessions

Curated books and other materials sent to you

A dedicated certified integral coach, with many years experience as an executive, entrepreneur, and coach

Learning in an intimate and confidential community, sharing and witnessing coaching on a variety of topics

One private individual coaching session, scheduled just for you


Who is Leadership Coaching for? 

People who lead.  You manage and lead individuals or teams.

People who care about Humans.  We believe that both you and the people you lead are full-fledged humans, and our work will address the challenges and opportunities that that brings.

People ready to do the work.  The coaching environment will invite you to explore some of the things that may be holding you back or that you need to do to take your leadership up a level.  This almost always requires you to take a look at yourself to become increasingly self-aware and make positive changes.

People who want more work-life balance. It is possible to lead, drive business results, and have better health, more sleep, and more quality family or personal time. We will help you get there.

People who want to learn in community. Group coaching is unique in that it allows you to directly learn from the success and challenges of others. You will give and receive support, watch, listen, and share in a confidential environment.  

Words of Praise

Working with Andrea helped me prepare both myself and my business for my maternity leave. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, the idea of having to let your business run without you is both terrifying and stressful. Andrea was able to help me plan and prepare for my leave in advance making the whole thing extremely seamless and stress free.
— Ayda A.
I loved my coaching from the first minute of the first session. The work-life balance piece was exactly what I was missing. Now I’m happier and I just feel so much more aware of my own place in my business. I am not my business, I am a person who runs my business!
— Carisa Brunner, Made Sewing Studio
If you’re looking for help in getting into the zone (i.e. the focus) in business, then this will definitely help. There are no magic fixes and you get out what you put in. I was a doubter at first, seriously not committing to the process, but over time, I could see real results in both myself and my team, and became a true believer of what Andrea and her team could do. Can’t recommend enough!
— Marc Wolenik, Founder of Webfortis
The coaching has been a game changer professionally and personally. Making an investment in yourself is the best investment you can make. I wish I had done the coaching years ago! I did not expect the business coaching to help with my personal life as well, but it turns out to grow professionally, growing personally is a part of that.
— Jana Kleitsch, CEO of Wanderlust Society


Q: Why would I choose group coaching instead of individual one-on-one coaching?

A: Some people find the camaraderie and learning in a community to be especially effective.  Group coaching also carries a lower price tag. It does not have the individual custom-developed program that personal coaching does, and some of your learning will come from watching others being coached.

You can add individual coaching sessions to the group coaching experience on either a monthly on one-off basis if you would benefit from extra personalized support.

Q: Is there an intake interview or some other way you get to know me before coaching begins?

A: Yes. We will send you an assessment survey, a personality type assessment, and ask that you introduce yourself to the coaching group online before the program begins. Trust us, it’s fun!


Q: Can I make up a missed session?

We certainly expect that over the course of 6 months there may be the occasional schedule conflict.  Since most of the benefit comes from the live discussion, you will miss that -- since we don’t record sessions - confidentiality is critical for us. However, you can do the readings and practices, and optionally schedule an individual coaching session at an extra cost. You can use your included individual session to get caught up if you choose.

Q: What does the kickoff kit cost include?

The kickoff kit cost includes all the materials you need for the class - books, a journal, and other awesome goodies. It also includes our own Awesome Assessment and a third-party personality type assessment. There’s no nickel-and-dime-ing you, it’s all included!

Q: Can I join at any time?

A: Nope. We have found that having a closely bonded group that learns and grows together is critical for the best group coaching experience. You start together and end together, knowing that no one will be bouncing in and out of the group. If this isn’t the right time for you, consider Individual Coaching, which starts at your convenience, or a group coaching cohort that starts at another time.

Group Coaching Has Unique Value

Develop in your own way at your own pace

  • Work with your coach to become the leader and human you were meant to be, by focusing on your opportunities for development. You’ll be using your personality type throughout coaching as a lens, looking for opportunities to learn and grow.

  • Bring your current leadership and life challenges to coaching, and experience the guidance of your coach and the wisdom of the group.

  • Put in the work that is right for you. Beyond the suggested reading and practices, our coach will invite you to explore a variety of optional resources, and you and your coach can determine what is right for your needs, your interests, and your schedule.

Enjoy the support of your peers

  • Learning and growing is hard. It’s easier with peers who are doing their own work, and understand the challenges and struggles you are going through. Whether you experience their support in class or out, having peer support is an incredibly powerful way to experience lasting change and build lifelong relationships.

Learn from others’ experiences

  • Sometimes others hit roadblocks before we do, or in different ways. By listening and supporting others, we have the opportunity to learn a great dal together. This can greatly accelerate your development, and provide leadership practice by seeing the world from different perspectives.

Learn from a carefully designed curriculum

  • Your coach has worked with thousands of executives, and knows the types of learning that will help you at the right time. Every session includes a learning component, in addition to regular coaching and discussion.


  • Just because you don’t have an unlimited budget, doesn’t mean you can’t become a more Awesome leader and human.

Still have questions? 

We'd be happy to talk about group or individual coaching at a time that works for you.