This live, interactive online workshop will teach you how to get focused - eliminate distractions, improve concentration, and do the right things at the right time.  You will learn how to:

  • Identify and combat Focus Busters
  • Build your focus muscle and get into a state of flow
  • Organize your life to maximize productivity
  • Prioritize and say No to focus on your most important work 
  • Discover easy-to-use tools that help you stay focused on the right tasks - and be a better leader
  • Keep this going after the class is over

In addition, you will have access to private office hours to discuss your unique challenges with the instructor.

Is This For Me?

Yes, if you are an entrepreneur who struggles to focus on the right things at the right time, has ADHD/ADD, or just feels overwhelmed by the tidal wave of tasks on your plate.

No, if you’d prefer to figure it out yourself.  We spent years working with thousands of real entrepreneurs, read hundreds of books, and attended many conferences so you don’t have to.

Workshop Format

The entire workshop is delivered online, but this isn’t a boring webinar that you’ll just tune out.  All of the sessions include:

  • Live video format in a virtual classroom
  • Workshop size limited to only 20 students
  • Short, effective concepts
  • Awesome tools to explore these concepts in your business and life
  • Breakout discussions with your peers
  • Time to DO the work (Let’s be honest, no one likes a lot of homework)
  • Private Facebook group to get more content, additional help from instructors, and make new connections 

Workshop At a Glance

Starts: Spring 2016
Meets: TBD PDT   
Length: 6 weeks  
Where: Online, Live
Cost: $799



More questions?  Read the Online Workshop FAQs or contact us for help deciding.

From Our Students:

"Andrea takes simple, yet powerful concepts and makes a solution-focused approach that is executable.  If you are looking for training that isn't drudgery, you will be happy to find yourself in one of her training sessions."
-Sevin Phil