How Executive Coaching Works

Coaching Structure
Two sessions per month
Scheduled at your convenience
50 minutes per session
Zoom video calls
Private coaching session
12 month, renewable programs

Over the course of twelve months, you will develop leadership qualities that will change your life.  Your experienced, certified coach will use our methodology to build you a highly customized coaching program. This program combines your goals, challenges, and desired outcomes, together with your coach’s deep expertise in leadership and holistic human development. This program serves as a map to help you navigate the next year together.

In each coaching session, you will work with your coach on your long term program, as well as discussing the leadership and life challenges that come up day-to-day. This allows you to get help and support on real issues, as well as keep your big picture goals in mind.

As you step into a new way of leading, you will find that other areas of your life shift too. Many of our clients describe profoundly altered relationships with their families, their friends, and their way of looking at the world. They have far less stress, better health, and increased well being, while at the same time accomplishing more than they believed possible in their work and life goals.

 Coaching Themes

Coaching programs may include some of the following themes.

  • Know Yourself

    Reflecting on how you lead and understanding how this affects you and your teams

  • Take Care of Yourself

    Learning how to meet the demands of your life and work with increased energy, resilience, and sustainability

  • See the World as It Is

    Managing the difference between reality and the way we often feel things “should” be


Awesome coaching has taken my work and personal life to the next level...

What's Included

Twice-a-month live video coaching sessions

A highly customized coaching program, which includes between session work like self-reflections, practices, readings, and videos

A relationship with one of our experienced certified coaches, who all have executive backgrounds

Pre-coaching assessments

Additional support when urgent needs arise

All books and other materials sent to you


Who is Executive Coaching for? 

People who lead.  You manage and lead individuals or teams.

People who care about Humans.  We believe that both you and the people you lead are full-fledged humans, and our work will address the challenges and opportunities these bring.

People ready to do the work.  The coaching environment will invite you to explore some of the things that may be holding you back or that you need to do to take your leadership up a level.  This almost always requires you to take a look at yourself to become increasingly self-aware and make positive changes.

People who want more work-life balance. It is possible to lead, drive business results, and have better health, more sleep, and more quality family or personal time. We will help you get there.

People who want to grow faster. Executive coaching is designed specifically for you - this is not cookie cutter coaching. You have a unique life and unique challenges, so your growth should be unique too. Busy executives need the flexibility to work on key issues, at times that work for them.  

Words of Praise

Still have questions? 

We'd be happy to talk about group or individual coaching at a time that works for you.