Welcome to Awesome!

Bzzzzz.  The alarm. You hit snooze and roll over. You went to sleep too late again, but you were working on something really important. A few more minutes of sleep sounds amazing, but your mind is already racing, wondering, worrying. Just thinking about your huge to-do list is making your blood pressure rise. You open your email before your feet hit the floor and dive in.

The day passes in a blur; meetings, calls, one thing after another. There’s barely time for food and always more emails. Stuck late in the office as usual, you get home with barely time to see your family.  When they are asleep, you get back to it, despite the exhaustion- there’s always a proposal due, or a board meeting or a client emergency. You get to bed hours after you planned, then toss and turn worrying about cash, that big client, and and what to do about that employee.

Is this the dream of being an entrepreneur?

Is this what you expected when you dreamed of freedom, independence and creating a company that people love?

There is a better way.  

The Awesome Institute is committed to spreading happy, healthy, sustainable entrepreneurship with our classes, coaching, workshops and community. Our vision is to help 50,000 entrepreneurs become more Awesome.

What do we mean by Awesome?  Awesome entrepreneurs are healthy - physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. They lead companies that are fun to work at, work with, and are meaningful and profitable. Their families enjoy them. And as entrepreneurs become more and more Awesome, they often naturally contribute more to the world around them.

Awesome isn't a destination; it's a journey.

Bzzzzz.  The alarm. Your pulse quickens with excitement as you jump out of bed. You are confident that you have the right team in place to handle things while you enjoy your morning run and breakfast. When you arrive at the office, you execute on your plans. You feel focused, and have time and energy to do your most important work. The meetings you lead are effective and highly rated. You get home in time to enjoy dinner and a relaxing evening of connection and fun. Clients are happy. Employees are happy. Your family is happy. YOU are happy. This is your company, your life, your dream.

Join us on the journey.  Welcome to Awesome.

Be Awesome,

Andrea is one of the teachers of our Awesome 101: A Better Life For Entrepreneurs course and CEO of The Awesome Institute.