New Leadership Coaching Group coming soon!


The Leadership Coaching Group brings a small group of six to twelve leaders together to explore the challenges of real-life leadership over six months. With a combination of content and coaching, we will learn, grow, challenge, and support each other.

The cost is only $395 per month - significantly less than individual coaching - with a one-time $195 kickoff kit that is full of books, materials, and awesome goodies.


Starts in 2019- 100% Online

In this 6 month program, we coach you to develop leadership qualities that will change your life.  Surrounded by a group of peer leaders and led by an experienced coach, each session will explore a topic designed to stimulate your thoughts, provide a chance for self-reflection, and suggest a path for action.  This is followed by individual coaching in the group setting so that everyone can learn from what’s going on in the “real life” of leadership.

Our focus is on finding practical, tangible ways to address the most challenging parts of leadership. Leading humans can be a fun and rewarding activity, and can also be discouraging, exhausting, and frustrating.  This is what we love to explore and learn about together.


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