Hey Coach, I Need Answers

The bad news: Anyone who tells you they know all the answers for creating your perfect life is full of sh*t. You, your life, and your work are all unique. No one else can give you the perfect answers to create your ideal life.

So where do you start?

The good news: Good questions are the key - ask more of them! You may ask, “What kinds of questions?” The hard ones. Ask the difficult questions that are scary because they are impossible to answer. The ones that you don’t want to ask. The ones that stir things up. The ones that suck to hear out loud. Ask questions like these:


To Myself:

  • What do I need to be happy in life and work?

  • What drives, motivates, and inspires me?

  • How does my self-care affect others around me?

  • How does my creativity and connection to the world impact my energy and joy?


At Home:

  • Do my partner and I share a vision for our family?

  • Do we share values and use them to guide our decisions?

  • Are my partner, kids, parents, or chosen family getting what they need to thrive?

  • What assumptions am I holding that may be limiting my creativity to design unusual solutions?



At Work:

  • What does my business need to be successful?

  • How am I holding my company back?

  • Does my team share values and use them to guide our decisions?

  • Do we see ourselves and others as humans with real lives, or do we pretend to be robots who “leave their personal lives at the door?”


Dig deep to ask yourself all the questions you can. It’s not about having perfect answers - they don’t exist. It’s about wrestling with the questions, being real, and making changes to create a world where you can thrive.

If you need some help or support in asking these questions, you can speak with a coach here.


Be Awesome,


Andrea is one of the teachers of our Discovering Your Values Course, co-founder and coach at Awesome Institute, and the mother of a blended family.