For the Sake of Your Business: Commit to Summer Fun

It’s the week after Memorial Day so all of my coaching sessions included asking about the three-day weekend. Everyone seemed refreshed and energized, which didn’t really come as a surprise.  We all know that taking breaks (short or long) are great for our health, outlook and creativity.  And business is better when we don’t work all the time. So with that in mind and for the sake of your business, here’s a strategy to ensure that this summer is extra fun.  

Schedule it in...

Lately I’ve become a little obsessed with time blocking. Basically spending time each day or week to block on your calendar all the things you want and need to do.  It’s not only a great way to ensure you’ve blocked time for the important work projects, but it’s a great way to schedule in your personal commitments, exercise, family stuff and fun. As it relates to committing to a great summer, here are a few ideas to get you started:


  • Summer Fridays:  Back when I worked in marketing in Chicago and had lots of interaction with some big ad agencies I was surprised to learn that they had half days on Fridays called Summer Fridays. While totally jealous, I thought it was brilliant. I don’t know if they still do this, but a friend of mine works for a big company in Seattle that gives employees half days on Fridays in the summer so I assume it’s still a thing.  Now most of us don’t work for companies that offer this, especially if we run our own businesses. But could you find ways to build Summer Fridays into your calendar? Could you spread a few vacation days out and take half days for an entire month? Could you ask your manager about giving out a few Summer Fridays to the whole team?  Talk about a morale booster. Even better, if you manage a team of people give them a few half days this summer and see the scores on your 360 reviews soar!  

  • Bucket list: There are certain things you can only do in summer; enjoying the boardwalk at the beach, boating with friends at the lake, or the annual family vacation.  If this was your last summer, what’s the one thing you’d be sure to do?  Schedule that.

  • Staycation: Most towns have lots of activities that only happen in summer. In my town we have free concerts in the park every Thursday night between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The concerts are great and it seems as if everyone in town is there. Guess what’s blocked on my calendar every Thursday night?  Find out what’s happening in your town and block it off.

  • Mandatory Fun: You know what this is, the employee picnic or softball game that’s scheduled for team building. I’d sometimes roll my eyes at bosses who would push these events on us. But you know what, they were always fun and good for team morale.  Look around your workplace, can you schedule some mandatory fun for your team this summer?  And if you don’t manage a team, no worries, bring your good ideas to your boss or schedule an event with your colleagues.  Bonus points if the event includes adult beverages (if the group is so inclined) and you’re picking up the tab.

Life’s short and summer’s shorter. Commit to a fun summer. It’s good for business.